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Sephardi Hebrew Congregation of Cape Town

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There is only one Sephardi Kehila in South Africa's Western Cape province, the Sephardi Hebrew Congregation of Cape Town. We have a mix of Rhodes descendants and Israeli Sephardim living in Cape Town as members. One of the unique features of our community is the blend of cultures. Read more about the Jews of Rhodes here

Kahal Kadosh Shalom (as our synagogue is also known) is our soul. The traditions we carry forward from our Papous and Nonas – the age old tunes, food, Tefilah and Torah, are part and parcel of who we are. Our synagogue is vibrant and will serve your every need, regardless of your level of observance. We have regular synagogue services, classes and group gatherings for all ages and we run children’s programmes on Shabbat and Chaggim.

The Spiritual leader of the congregation is Rabbi Naftali Silver, and the Hazzan is Hazzan David Dadon. Rabbi Silver is preceded by Rabbi David Benchlouch, who for strengthened the community’s identity as a leading Rhodesli congregation in the world for 5 years. Rabbi Benchlouch now holds the position of Rabbi of the Ezra Bezzeroth Congregation in Seattle, our sister community.
Our Rabbi and congregants always try hard to openly welcome and assist newcomers. You must enquire with our office and let us know with a copy of your passport or ID and the dates you’re coming.


Kids Corner

The Kids Corner is always open during prayer services and special children's services are held every Friday evening and Saturday morning. On Shabbat and Festivals, our wonderful Madrichim Team is here to take care of your little and big ones, providing fun, educational entertainment and, of course, lots of prizes to take home.
We're running a spcial soccer programme for the kids on Shabbat

Bar and Bat Mitzvah

Entering the adulthood phase occurs at Bar and Bat Mitzvah. According to the “Holy Zohar” that is precisely the time when the “Yetzer Tov”, the positive characteristics of a person are given highlight and value. Preparations for one’s Bar and Bat Mitzvah are thus essential as a means of building a platform in order to facilitate us to better do Mitzvot. Most of us will travel back in time and reminisce on their Bar and Bat mitzvah with the fondest of memories. This parallel wave of emotions refers to the writing of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai in the Holy Zohar, commending us to allow our children the equivalent opportunity of preparation and educational achievements towards their spiritual aspects of life.

It takes between six to twelve months of once-a-week sessions to learn about and prepare for this momentous milestone. Inquire with our office on how and when it would be suitable for your child to begin their Barmi and Bati classes.

The syllabus includes: Blessings, Prayers, Jewish Calendar knowledge, Kashrut, Cycle of life. The meaning and history of the Revelation of Mount Sinai, Our Patriarchs and Matriachs, Exodus of Egypt, Temples before destruction, figures in contemporary ethical and moral dilemmas, preparation of Dvar Torah (speech) and preparation of reading Torah portion.


Our community supports all Orthodox Jewish weddings and provides you with an optional venue and Rabbi at your disposal. Please do contact our secretary to obtain the forms if you are interested.


For 35 years, our Ladies Guild has been active. Our synagogue is blessed by their devotion and contribution.

Many times one can find them in moments of joy and laughter, care and commitment that has inclusively generated love and harmony. Join the winning team of ladies young and old alike, and taste the flavor of love and giving. From weekly gatherings to once-off support, your help is extremely acknowledged.

Please enquire with our office how you can get involved in our Ladies Guild as they have so much to offer and are doing a tremendous deal of service to our community. You will enjoy the weekly get-together in our kitchen and benefit from doing this amazing Mitzva of supporting our Kehila.


Snap Scan We rely on your donations in money or in kind. Olam chesed yibaneh (עוֹלָם חֶסֶד יִבָּנֶה) “The world is built with chesed” (kindness) Everything that exists is an expression of God’s loving kindness. Acts of righteousness and giving will build our world into a better place. Giving tzedakah of your earnings to a place of Torah will satisfy you with earnest and bountiful blessings as the Torah teaches that “Giving is receiving”. Our synagogue needs your support. There are endless ways you can contribute. Speak to the Rabbi or committee on how you can get involved.

Use our Banking details to make payments of your contributions or general donations or alternatively use the snap scan QR code on the right or click here for paypal.
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